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The most common types of marine surveys are:
Pre-Purchase Marine Survey, at the request of a prospective buyer who wishes to determine if the craft is in good condition, and that it meets all current regulations and standards.
Marine Survey for insurance purposes, at the request of your insurance company, and at regular intervals, whenever your policy comes up for renewal. Conducted at the owner’s expense.
Marine Damage Survey, at the request of the insurance company or owner. The objective is to assess damages and provide a repairs estimate.
Marine Appraisal Survey, in situations that require an appraisal: a legal settlement, a vessel financing application or when drawing up an estate…
Specialty Marine Survey, Inspection of the engine, of the rigging, etc.

As a profession, marine surveying is unregulated.

A chartered or certified marine surveyor who belongs to one or several prominent associations (AIMAQ, SAMS, NAMS, etc.) must meet the standards set by these organizations, and adhere to their code of ethics. As well, their training updates are mandatory.

A guarantee of quality, for the client.

A Pre-Purchase inspection must always include two (2) parts: one in dry dock, and a sea trial. The dry dock survey allows the surveyor to thoroughly inspect the hull as well as the systems and equipment located under the floatation line. This would not be possible if the survey were only conducted on-water. Insurance surveys are in general limited to the out of the water survey

Survey costs vary according to a number of factors: the size of the vessel, its building materials... I will provide you with a marine survey estimate once all the information about the craft is at my disposal.

A marine survey determines the condition the boat was in at the time of its inspection. If you are buying a boat, having a marine survey conducted is strongly advised even if the seller has presented you with a recent survey, because you have no way of knowing what has occurred since the craft’s last marine survey.

In general, insurers and insurance brokers require that a survey be carried out every 5 years, but this timeframe could vary depending on several factors – so do consult your insurance provider.

Association of Chartered Marine Surveyors of Québec.

The AIMAQ is a non-profit organization. Its role is to identify, certify and regroup all competent and professional marine surveyors in order to better meet the needs of pleasure craft owners, and of insurance brokers and insurers.

Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors.
The organization lists over 1 000 marine surveyors, from over 20 countries.
Among its mission objectives are the following:

- Promote communication between members and other marine organizations
- Provide training and information to its members
- Propose marine surveying and reporting norms and standards for its members

The American Boat & Yacht Council

As a non-profit organization, the ABYC develops voluntary global safety standards for the design, construction, maintenance, and repair of recreational boats.

The ABYC is the first organization in the world to create maritime industry norms and standards. It is also the leader in providing technical education, training and technician certification courses.

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